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ALFA Programme, an initiative of EuropeAid

LATIn Project invites groups of teachers and university researchers to submit proposals for the creation of open college textbooks in different areas of knowledge for students at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Latin America.

The contest is related to the objectives of the initiative: The creation and dissemination of open books, designed from and to Latin America. This will generate a platform where teachers can create texts collaboratively. The materials will have Creative Commons license so that other teachers can modify, adapt their courses, translate or distribute them, as needed.

The books will have no cost and students can read, print, share, and visualize them in different formats such as phones, tablets and e-book readers.

LATIn will provide a platform to interested teachers on which they can interact on various topics, build communities and create writing groups to develop open textbooks.

To submit a proposal all group participants must register on the LATIn community platform, create or join a community and then start or join a writing group. The group leader must complete the required fields, accept the contest policies and upload their nomination proposal in the creation of the writing group process. The deadline for submitting proposals is August 31, 2013. 

The contest is open to teachers and researchers from all Latin American HEIs, however, at this early stage may only charge fees teachers and researchers who are part of any of the Latin American universities involved in LATIn project.


1. Reception of proposals: August 31, 2013.

2. Evaluation of proposals received: September 16, 2013.

3. Notification of accepted proposals: September 20, 2013.

4. Writing process of open textbooks to: January 15, 2014.

5. Delivery of books to the publisher: January 16, 2014.

6. Accreditation of open textbooks: January 27, 2014.

7. Notification of accreditation of open textbooks: January 31, 2014.

8. Pilot for the use of open textbooks: September 30, 2014.

9. Delivery of final report of the pilot implementation: November 15, 2014.

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LATIn Project (DCI-ALA/19.09.01/11/21526/279-155/ALFA III(2011)-52)

Funded by the ALFA Program, an initiative of EuropeAid